The Guild City

Zephyr - Journal 4
Zephyr is happy!

Zephyr looked at the piano player – a larger guy, clearly skilled with his fingers – he was certainly eye candy. She hoped he was the “handsome man” they were looking for, but she doubted it – it was probably the skinny pretty boy holding the violin. One of her companions talked to him, and she saw the suspicious look come over his face. Yep, the pretty boy. Why did everyone go nuts over those types, anyway?

They followed him to his hideout. A touching reunion followed, and though she was glad to see the two siblings reunited, she couldn’t quite bring herself to focus completely on what was happening. She was on edge , she could feel something coming. And come it did. They tracked the monster, hunted it, fought it, hunted it some more. She cast the words of magic she had learned in the forest, and was still surprised to feel her senses heighten outside it.

Yet there was no mistaken the sensation of heightened sense, of knowing her place in her surroundings and almost feeling the flow of life around her. The monster was disrupted that in its own way, and she took off after it as it escaped. They found it, crushed it, did their job. She was happy. She thought she’d left this feeling behind for now when she agreed to join the Guild.

And then the boy suggested they see his “mentor”. Great. Nothing could go wrong with that.

Journal 12 - Vindis Florel
Learning, Bro

Studying was something of an art form.

Much like painting, writing— hell, even yodeling, the lowest form of art—studying was something of a ritualistic practice. It involved, in the best case, focus unto the most extreme degree, precision, and a fair amount of dull repetition.

Tonight, however, it seemed to have become more of a high-stakes dance as Vindis Florel, his hand scratching across the page with uncanny precision and speed, fully within his element, and yet holding steady at what could only be described as a fever pitch.

“I see, it’s a case of deletion—Not precisely the worst situation, but, it could be helpful if this at least had a reference.” He mused, turning to a new page in a familiar book, counting his way to page sixty-three, one notable for a fascinating picture of a pixie dancing atop a bird fountain. He liked that picture.

He peered over.

“Useless.” He mused, his eyes rapidly cross referencing the points he was curious about. “Worth a shot, however…” He peered up to the sky. It would be dawn soon. “Seems time is running a tad short on me.”

We’ve not spoken in awhile-

“Shh, no, no. Quiet. Not tonight. I’ve had enough voices in my head these past evenings, and I rather—“ He paused, “Ra…-Ther.” He mused, “Th- Th… Alveo-palatal tap—HA! Got you, bitch.”

I’ll return another day-

“Yeah, you will. Shoo.”

And so the Half-Elf worked long into the night, the memory of previous events burned white-hot into his memory.

When dawn came, he let out a sigh, leaning back into his chair.

“Ul’uwee ra-th’ala. Un’wa-wyysh.”

The phrase, spoken in an unnatural tongue, roughly translated to-

“I’ve got you mother fucker.”

He had learned Deep Speech.

Petros - Journal 17
In which Petros is humbled

Petros slowly regards the newest adversary. It’s an abomination unlike anything he’d heard of before, something straight out of the legends. He steels himself – this is his life now. One danger to another. His group is clearly marked by fate. He has been chosen for great things. Nothing to do but focus.

Ariyra, first, wants to talk to it. Ariyra! Ariyra’s going to make friends with it or get everyone killed, one or the other.He has no doubt it could kill everyone there. He can only watch Sabiya – good, good. She stops Ariyra from giving away info, or antagonizing the thing, or whatever they were going to do.

They start watching, and now that Ariyra’s gone – Vindis! Vindis needlessly antagonizing the thing. He’s ready for Vindis to play his games, to needle the enemy, antagonize it and get nothing useful out of it. Confronting him is out of the question – only thing to do for now is listen.

So Petros listens. And he listens, and listens, and listens, and slowly it dawns on him that the impossible is happening. Not only is Vindis not insulting the creature, he’s winning it over. Petros starts talking, too, trying to keep things going in the right direction. His respect for Vindis grows leaps and bounds in a matter of minutes. And in the end they have… something. A defused situation? An ally?

A miracle?

The Jade Road Trip 3
Like the old days

Another crash resounded into the side of the ship and Shade went rolling across the deck away from the wheel slamming into the side of a wall face pressed to a window. Outside was an aurora of color and glowing streams of arcane energy floating around them. The small ship surrounded by this landscape being pursued by two large ones. Inside Shade picked themself up and shouted at their companion.

“I told you this was a fucking awful idea! I have a ward at home, I don’t need spelljammer pirates in my life!”

Myra stood gracefull brushing off of her dress. “Calm down everything is going exactly as planned…”

Shade looked up raising a brown clenching their teeth. “…I thought you said it was in this section of the astral sea?”

“Well technically this particular crew does frequent this portion of quite a lot,” Myra smirked. “Lies of omission are the only ones I can tell my dear you have to let me have them-” She was cutt off by the 5’2 changeling now leaping on her and pinning her to the ground. Shade struck the other’s face with a balled fist between words.





They paused to take in a deep breath. “This whole thing has been one fucking disaster after another! Just like the old days except now I’m not a fucking fourteen year old too young to know how reckless your bullshit is!!!”

The ship rocked throwing Shade off and sending them both rolling. Shade growled taking out their daggers. “We can pick this up after we’re done.” They grit their teeth and vanished into their own shadow.

Myra rolled her eyes pressing her nose back into place and nuttering as she applied healing magic. “Over dramatic brat.”

Excerpt from the Diary of Reynard _Rift Closer_

Another day, another city saved. Before arriving in Underburrow, we discovered from our new friend Daria she needs to cut down on the ganja that some of her ex-associates were going to open a planer rift below Underburrow to summon an army of elementals. So we offered to help. for a proper reward

Down in the caverns we discovered a village of troglodytes, a number of spiders, and other creatures were then forced to kill. I also discovered some of my companions have little to no survival instincts. explore instead of heading straight to where we know the portal is indeed We eventually prevailed before heading toward the rift.

Before finding the rift however, we discovered that these caverns were a location for a ritual involving the Dark Gods and possibly Thalia and Thia. because of course it was Still we powered forward and discovered the remaining druids and their leader. We managed to talk our way into an audience with the leader, only to discover that he had somehow traveled back in time and was doing this to prevent a great tragedy. NOTE TO SELF: look into time travel as means to save Carmine We were unable to talk him out of his plan however and a battle ensued. After destroying the pillars empowering the rift, he fell and we were victorious.

The life threatening battles and horrific magics levied against us have almost become the norm. I can feel myself growing stronger. That and I’m growing closer to my companions as well. I had a lovely if drunk coversation with Sabiya, where she promised to help me when I go back to Argent. Overall things are looking up.

Petros - Journal 16
In which Petros doubts

Petros relaxes in Underborough, having just finished another supposedly simple quest with connections to dark gods. It seems this is to be his fate. He has been chosen. By Dolora? Maybe. By Lyssa? Maybe. By the avatar of bad luck itself? Probably.

Yet again, the image of Dolora destroying his homeland crosses his mind. He can his mother saying “Dolora chose our family, darling, we’re so lucky, we’re so” and out loud he says “chose us for what? I am so sick of Dolora.”

He should feel stunned. He doesn’t. It’s how he feels about Dolora. It’s how he’s felt for years, isn’t it? She’s not going to smite him. She knows. And still she lets him represent her on this world. Still she gives him power. What kind of goddess does that?

His parents are assholes. His brother’s deluded. His boyfriend is a sycophant. Everyone he’d ever met in the shithole that’s Dolora’s chosen land can’t hold a candle to someone like Reyland. Ianthe was smart to get out. Ianthe will live when the reckoning comes. He needs to convince his family to stay in Asha after the wedding. He doesn’t want to.

“I can’t do this without You”, he says to Dolora. I need You so I can to protect my family. I need You to save my homeland from You, he thinks to Her. He’s sure She can tell what he’s thinking if She feels like it, but he can’t bring himself to say it out loud. “But I’m going to find out who I’m dealing with.”

He won’t sleep tonight. He heads to underborough’s tiny library, finds a tinier introductory text. The very basics of the Gods. Might as well start at the beginning. He flips it open.

Petros - Journal 15
In which Petros is scared

Petros drifted throughout the caverns, not really focused on what he was doing. There was yet another battle, but after so many, they were practically second nature to him by now. Stab this, zap that, a spell here, a ritual there. Keep Ariryra from killing them all. Listen while Vindis insulted another new person. He’d been here before.

Now there was a time limit. Another time limit. Not only could he drop dead at any fucking moment from these stupid fucking brands, his hometown, a city filled with people beyond count (though he had been forced to memorize that number), was about to be wiped out by the Goddess he’d spent his entire life worshipping. Or were they? Who knows? Who cares?!

For the first time in his life, he cursed Dolora in his mind. Where was she when he was branded? Where was she when all these apparent sins were being commited in her name? Why dump all of this bullshit on him? And why the fuck is this idiot going on about unchangeable fates and them already being dead?

If he survived, maybe he’d have a single moment something terrible and horrific wasn’t happening to everything he loved. Better deal with the crazy wizard.


Excerpt from the Diary of Reynard _Chosen of Ra'shan_

One small stop on our escort mission to Underborough turned into one of my most harrowing experiences yet. When we first arrived we found the city in the midst of a celebration of some kind. Since we weren’t staying long I did want to visit the Temple of Ra’shan before joining in the revelry with Rian who can apparently pull in tail with ease and the others. Vindis accompanied me as well. I’m actually beginning to enjoy his company

After gaining entry from a large cleric guarding the doors didn’t like the vibe I got from him we ended up meeting the head priest and another godchosen child named “Hope”. She’s was a spoiled brat, but proved to be helpful in the end. Eventually I was able to commune with Ra’ala and learn who she really is.

Ra’ala was the daughter of Y’nan before he became a dark god. Her mother is Ra’shan. After Y’nans’s betrayal, she became Ra’shan’s exarch with the soul purpose of killing Y’nan. So she and I could be hunted by Y’nan’s followers and if I don’t gain her enough power she’ll kill me. I always wanted an epic destiny but I am terrified of what now lies before me As this aligns my goals, I was more than happy to hear.

After our meeting. Hope told us that Arirya need to be saved from someone called the Noone Man. We rushed off to save him only to get trapped inside a mirror and shown our worst fears. getting a little tired of that happening We eventually broke free and entered into a brutal battle with some sort of mirror creature. Luckily for us Hope came to save us I was able to handle the creature and take it down. However in repayment for helping us, hope had to give part of the mirror to some unknown entity.

It seems like the dark forces and villains we face keep growing in strength and number. I don’t know how to keep going forward, only that I must. Ra’ala is a powerful ally and despite her threats and pandering, we seem to be growing closer. I’m also growing closer to my companions, as they grow in strength as well. I may have found the allies I need to save Carmine.

Journal 11 - Vindis Florel
A Brief Traipse Through Shadow

How quaint.

Quaint is not a word often ascribed to one’s apparent demise, and yet, Vindis Florel found this whole situation quite quaint. Why, to fathom a more unusual, yet, wholly cliché death as falling into an endless pit, and yet, here he was; falling into a bottomless pit. He looked up—

“Oh, wonderful. No light.” He said, quipping into the gentle darkness. Or, at least, he would have done so if his throat wasn’t in the process of being more than a little deep-throated by this most unsettling darkness.

Normally, this would cause a certain level of panic, but, thinking on it briefly, he was rather contented with the knowledge of dying. It had come a moment too soon, to be sure—There were some things he had wanted to do yet, but, well, if this meant he wouldn’t have to deal with that godling and the retinue of hellish compatriots that seemed to have taken a keen interest in making their lives awful.

He smiled softly. This was somewhat disappointing—He was expecting his life to flash before his eyes. Frankly, he wouldn’t have minded a brief pre-corpse cry, but it seemed this rumour was greatly exaggerated- why, it seemed like the last thing to pass through his mind would indeed be his spine.

Oh wait, was he actually falling? He hadn’t remembered falling. In fact, the last thing he felt was a friendly embrace.

“Hmm…” He mused, gargling on shadows.

Oh. Maybe he had a heart attack.

Going into cardiac arrest in a cave wasn’t his first choice, but whatever this dream sequence was, well, this really wasn’t his first choice.

Speaking of which.

‘For fuck’s sake, no one ever told me I’d have to wait three and a half generations to pass through Limbo.’

And just like that, he was standing, and she was before him.

He hardly had a chance to quip, her smile more than a tad unnerving after his previous experience despite the gentle tone coupled with unwanted reprimand on his general demeanor.

“So, I take it by the fact you’re not speaking in past tense I’m not dead yet—“

And, with that-

Petros - Journal 14
In which Petros denies the truth

Laroda walks away, and Petros is tired enough to fall asleep next to the river like this. He doesn’t trust her. Is she even who she says she is? Nevertheless, he closes his eyes, and wakes up underground.

His companions explain the situation to him, but he can’t focus on that. The image of his goddess destroying his homeland looms too large in his head. If the vision is true (it’s true), whispers a voice in the back of his head, almost a feeling, but he ignores it), then he has to do something about it.

If Laroda is who she says she is, and it wasn’t some sort of elaborate trick or magic ( it wasn’t ), then his mother, his father, his brother, his boyfriend, everyone in Tragodia could die (fuck it, let ’em die). They always said his family was chosen by Dolora, right? That’s why they did so well, right?

First, he has to deal with this elemental whatever underground. Then he has to find out more about this Laroda. He has to make sure this is real.

(It’s real.)


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