Petros Lukianos

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Petros Lukianos
Age: 25
Height: 5’11"
Weight: Whatever’s good for his height.


Petros Lukianos is a tall, dark skinned tiefling. When he is not in combat gear, he tends to wear dark blues and greys. He has a nautilus shell on his belt, a seashell necklace, and shell earrings.

Sometimes, like when he expects combat, he’ll be wearing dark blue chain mail. He’ll have a trident on his back that is decorated with small sea-themed flourishes. He also has a shield with a pattern of swirls on the front. The shield has a notch that the shell fits into and the shell is partially visible from the front when slotted in.

People familiar with the religions of the world, the culture of the cantari isles, or who spend a lot of time at sea will likely recognize Petros as a cleric of the goddess Dolora. For others, his accent and clothing might betray his place of origin. Those who know the culture or politics of the islands may well recognize his name as the son of a noble from Tragodia.

Petros Lukianos

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