Sabiya Rahal

Herald of the Four Winds


Name: Sabiya ‘Alnair’ Rahal
Age: 26
Height: 5’2’’
Weight: 122 pounds
Birthday: 24th of Hammer
Race: Air Genasi
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Hometown: Aeolus

Stats: STR: 12/ DEX: 18 / CON: 16 / INT: 13 / WIS: 14 / CHA: 16

Unrestricted personal freedom, dancing, entertaining the common-folk, duping nobles, casual manipulation, extraordinary beings, bright colours, quiet places (sometimes), flavourful tea, Foie Gras

Restrictions/Losing her freedom, dreary folk, being manipulated, hasty actions, people that tie her down, hasty commitment, Geese

Sexuality:~~Bi~~ Straight
Romantic Interest: Vindis Florel
Family: ???

Usual Appearance:
Sabiya usually wears colourful, bright clothing, especially during dancing performances. Her dancer outfit resembles the one used for belly dancing. A bright red that flows into shades of orange, paillettes decorating the top of it giving a shimmering effect.
During adventures and travelling her clothes are less colourful, shades of gray and brown are the colours of her main clothing.

From her head, nearly stark white hair cascades down, nearly touching her shoulders whilst the tips seemed to subtley dance in a breeze that was never there. Her eyes were a light blue, a shade particularly recognizable due to its stunning resemblance to the sky— A hallmark of her kind. The skin is pale and decorated with multiple freckles. Her body structure is slim, helping her to fit into tight spaces.


The horizon had long changed into its layer of black velvet with diamonds as highlights, a truly beautiful sight as if the sky was ready for a dance. A performance unfortunately without an audience as the city had entered its typical slumbering state. Places that are filled with voices become quiet at night, streets filled with people become empty. It was a shame that a million pairs of eyes would miss such beauty, yet she had the privilege to be outside, performing alongside the night sky, just by herself. The chilly wind played with her hair as she skipped through the streets. Her barely audible footsteps were accompanied by the noises of nocturnal animals and nature. The meowing of a cat in the distance, the hooting of an owl, the leaves rustling in the wind – What a myriad of accompaniment! Nature truly was kind on this plane.

For her it was time to return home, joining the rest of the city to fall into slumber. A nightly stroll through the city of Asha could turn into a quite enjoyable habit. Settling down from the events of the day, letting the mind and thoughts wander. As free as she was inside of the city there were still boundaries that ‘chained’ her to this place. How badly she would like to break these chains and be free like a bird in the sky.
Her movement paused and her gaze went up the building in front of her, one window was opened and a candle still lit. With a swift and inaudible whisper she began to levitate moving towards the windowsill. Her hands gently touched said windowsill, peaking inside the room before she already got caught by the person inside. “You’ve already become better than the last time, I’m impressed.”, her tone was laced with board strokes of cocky, decidedly underlined a layer of teasing.

Gently was she pulled into the room as her foot dexterously hooked the window closed behind her. His words led to a chuckle from her side; a tarrasque, huh? That’s a new one. All this time she was led by the hand onto the well-known bed. “And you are only getting cockier, I’m afraid.” She raised a slender eyebrow, “It’s dangerous for your health.” The reply was a mere whisper and the last spoken words as the room became dark like the night sky.

Feelings and Opinions as of Late:

Vindis: A great companion, great conversations besides he owns an adorable owl. Enjoyable in lot’s of matters.
Edit: Not much has changed with him.

Reynard: Fox boy that will get us all killed with his hasty actions. At least he starts to learn not to blindly run into the next ‘friendly’ looking hallway. I hope at least.
Edit: He indeed learned a few things. Not as reckless as before.
Edit: He at least hares the same opionion when it comes to fighting.

Ariyra: Haven’t taken much notes of this person, recieved strange berries from them. Not sure if the are filled with poison, staying cautious around them.
Edit: Nothing much happened with this person, still cautious.

Petros: Another person I haven’t really paid attention at, same as for the small Halfling, being cautious around.
Edit: Came over to the flowershop for information from Vindis. Doesn’t seem to be a bad person.
Edit: Questionable morals. I’m not agreeing with sparing people that attack us. In a fight survival is all that matters.

General Feelings:

Extra Miscellaneous Information:
Tatoo on her right shoulder (branding).


Sabiya Rahal

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