The Guild City

Journal 6 - Vindis Florel

Down A Path Well-Trodden

“It’s been awhile, you know.” He said, eyes closed amidst the place they did dwell once.

“That it has.” He said, the voice calm amidst the darkened clutter of the room. “Though, it is no fault of mine.”

“You’re… Not wrong.” He said, sighing softly to himself, “I suppose I hadn’t much use for the ethereal.”

“And yet, did you not resolve to revolve yourself around such nebulous things?”

“I suppose I did. Though, we all make our choices.”

“It was a cruel one.”

He smiled, a humorless grin, befitting the absurdities of the situation. “Aye. That it was. Though, it’d be wrong to say I’d apologize for it.”


“To apologize, you need to be repentant. I made my choice, and I don’t regret it.”

“Then there is peace, is there not? Why have you returned then—Grasping at old shadows.”

“You’re… Not wrong. Perhaps, I am driven by selfish motives.” He said, hand grasping at the somehow uncomfortable sheet, “No… I am.”


“Today, I wander into the valley of uncertainty—My feet upon little more than a precipice, naught but void on either side.”

“I see. You grasp at shadows to feel better when faced with it. Poetic, yet, pathetic coming from you.”

“I’ve never been brave, you know that.”

“Then why?”

“Because, I am already dead.”

“… I see.”

He smiled to himself, bowing his head in the cool air, “You once gave me strength, you know. The strength to wander in dark places—My… Melancholy dulled by the essence of the embrace. I… Don’t miss that, and yet- I feel compelled.”

It laughed. “Such… Insolence. Though, call me intrigued.”

“I seek the strength that kept me alive once, for one last adventure, you and I.”

“Then, let us go once more into the abyss, and as you sink, I shall watch every second with pride.”

“Wouldn’t expect any less.”

It could only smile, amidst the empty room, Vindis Florel leaning back against his bed, closing his eyes to welcome the troubled night.


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