Asha, the Guild City. A city of dreams for some and broken promises for others. The grand stories of fame, fortune, and prestige found have attracted many hopefuls to it’s cobbled streets. Including you.

For whatever reason be it seeking something, someone (or perhaps more underhanded motives), or simply passing through you have ended up arriving in Asha on this night. With the sky dark and the strests quiet you have chosen to rest your bones in a small but affordable inn located in one of the more modest districts of the city. The Greystone Keep. The brick is weathered and the counter looks a bit splintered, but the half elf hostess has a friendly smiled and offers cheap room and board. You accept.

You eat and drink in the nearly empty tavern that seems to only house about a dozen or so guests on this night. Your belly full you go upstairs to your room to rest your tired body ignoring the creeking as you walk the stairs. You’re very tired all of a sudden. More so than you thought before.

You go into your room. You feel a bit dizzy, and the details of your vision are getting fuzzy. You really need to sleep. Your footsteps seem to echo around you, the world around you is muffled to the sound of you approaching the small cot against the wall. Now the room appears to be…spinning? You tilt over collapsing on the cot and fall into the deepest sleep of your life.

Several hours pass. You wake up and you’re in a strange stone room with five strangers each of you chained to the wall by a single leg. Surrounded by the smell of mold and decay you realize how dire your situation is…