The Guild City

Petros - Journal
In which Petros

Petros had spent quite a bit of time talking to the people in the Iron Order. He had quite a bit of respect for them, and they had taught him a decent amount about their sworn enemies. He had a healthy respect for the fae now – he had heard a bit about them growing up, but now he knew a lot more.

Nychta was part of that, wasn’t he? Petros hadn’t thought much about the man, but now that they were going to do a favor for him, maybe it was time to pay attention to him. He had made the call to kill that necromancer. That had turned out … well, they got out alive, right? The consequences for that one would bite them in the ass eventually. Everything did.

Petros was still on a high from getting his brand removed, from getting his new tattoo. Maybe he was finally starting to get used to danger. Arirya seemed to like Nychta, and despite everything Petros thought it best to trust him too. Everyone had secrets right? Petros certainly did.

He thought about what spells would be useful against fae. He went to bed, ready for another brush with death.

Petros - Journal 26
In which Petros breaks chains

They’d done it. They’d done it. They’d fucking done it. They’d gotten their brands off. They’d almost died so many times he’d forgotten a few. Yet here they were, alive, no brands, free from Lyssa.

Vindis had gone at the exarch – Vindis goes at everybody. The sheer blasphemy of it was refreshing. If he had dared even speak of an exarch of the Trinity that way growing up, he couldn’t imagine the consequences.

Vindis had the simple idea that exarchs needed to be good people like the rest of us. Maybe the gods need to be too? Is Dolora good? Best not think about that.

Everyone, everyone is held down by chains. They are used, tools, pawns in someone’s game. Amassing power wouldn’t change that. Bridgett had all the power and all the restrictions. It’s a web, fragile silk threads that together bind him and everyone else to the will of others.

Part of him wanted to just find a corner of the world and retreat. Perhaps that’d be the only way to not be manipulated. His whole life he’d been surrounded by invisible chains. Now the Lyssas, Ynans,and Verdonias of the world were laying down more. The alliances his group continued to build would only have more conditions and restrictions.

What shackles would Dolora put around him, once it was all said and done? Best not to think of that.

He would find a way out – to break the chains. For himself, and just maybe for everyone else.

Petros - Journal 25
In which Petros hopes

Everything they had heard about this swamp was terrifying. Dragons, undead, every manner of danger lived here. Rashan’s chosen child had given him a 50/50 chance to live. There was no guarantee that the brands would be gone in six months.

Yet as he listened to a mage drone on about her hardest course in a mage academy, gesticulating wildly and getting very excited about some magical theory he didn’t understand, Petros smiled.

They were taking their lives into their own hands. Just a bit. Just a little bit. The answer to the mystery and the tragedy could be out here. Petros’ mood stayed high.

Petros had hoped. He believed. ‘In what?’, he asked himself, during a moment to himself. Not in Dolora. He had never really believed in Dolora, had he? She gave him great power, but that relationship was an odd one. He felt like he was something of a child’s toy to her. Would he be thrown away, once it was all said and done?

Petros didn’t know what he believed in. Yet still he believed. And he hoped.

Petros - Journal 24
In which Petros trains

Killing a god. That was Verdonia’s pitch. They could kill a god. Y’nan, in this case. Could he kill Dolora?

A pang of fear hits him. She knows he’s thinking that, right? She certainly could. Does she care? It doesn’t matter. He still lives, for now.

All he knew to do was be a cleric. All of his power came from Dolora. Vindis, Sabiya, Karim, these people’s strengths came from things they earned. What he had was given. It could be taken away.

Could he turn to a different god? What would Riella or Evel say if he asked them for help? Could he obtain freedom by serving Evel? He doubts it. He wants to be left alone, but the days when powerful people protected him from the rest of the world were over.

Those gods might be less chaotic than Dolora, but they’re probably just as much of a trap.

He closes his eyes a moment, and rolls out of bed. Every morning he has these thoughts. Every morning he reports to Reyland for training, for a way closer to his goddess. Today they would be heading to a jail.

Sabiya - Journal 7

it’s been a while since she felt this useless…

She was ready to help out Nychta with this entire killing mission, luring this guy out.
Instead all she did was dealing the killing blow.
The mission was a sucess, yes. But this was just dspleasing to her.
She was not really needed.

Now they have to fight Lulabelle… this could be troublesome.
No this will be troublesome.

She hoped that everyone is going to survive this.

Petros - Journal 23
In which Petros forgets

So much had been happening, lately. He had become used to being constantly on the verge of death – so now his people are on the verge of death, too. His companions had proved predictably uninterested in that problem.

Would they part ways after the swamp? He couldn’t remember the number of times they had saved his life, and he theirs. Still, he wouldn’t miss them. What did that say about them? What did that say about him? Oh well.

Petros walks into Myra’s wagon and sees another wonder. It doesn’t faze him. He looks at Reyland, sees the other man meet his gaze, and they wander off together. For a night, none of that matters.

He knows where the wagon is headed. They are headed straight into the enemy’s home. He doesn’t know if he’ll be alive this time next week. He could be much worse than dead. For another day, though, he could forget all that. He was with somebody he cared about.

He thinks, briefly, of his partner back home. He had never cared about him. He could scarcely remember his name. His mother thought that they were marriage material. Was there anything his mother was right about? Well – he was chosen by Dolora. She was right about that. One way or the other, her life of luxury would end.

Petros looks at Reyland’s gentle face. They begin to talk. Soon, his mother is forgotten.

Petros - Journal 22
In which Petros walks

Petros stumbles out of Myra’s house. He had had a heartwarming reunion with his sister, tears were shed, but even then what had been on his mind was one thing.


He needed to see him. He needed to talk to him. He didn’t know what he would say. He didn’t know why. But he had to. Had to. One foot in front of the other, in front of the other, walking to the temple, moving, don’t stop.

Would Reyland be there? Would he listen? Is he even who he thought he was?

Would they survive the ball? Would they survive each other?

Was Reyland aligned with his parents?

Fuck his parents. Fuck Tragodia. Save Tragodia. Don’t die.

Keep walking.

Petros - Journal 21
In which Petros is sleepy

Petros was tired after the day’s adventures. He’d been tired frequently lately, and though the temple today hadn’t been too strenuous, he still was looking forward to some rest.

Then his companions were yanked through the window. Then he fought a flesh golem. Then he had to give blood to – what? Probably another dark god. Who even knows? Fortune – they were well named.

He looked at the stairs down. Below was something – nothing good – and he was feeling drained already. He thought of everything he had to do. He thought of his mother, saying that he’d been chosen. She – she was an asshole, but she was probably right, at least about him.

Whoever did this was going to pay. They might die. Only one thing to do.

Petros looked at his compatriots, and took the first step down the stairs.

Nychta's Notes - Part 3

The mirrors are against us now? What is this group doing! i swear i have never seen so much chaos happen so quickly… I am now not only stuck in a mirror pocket dimension type situation, but I have no idea where Ariyra is… and i am working with sabiya who so far has not had much faith in me… luckily we share a bit of a darker background and there are some things about here that I have clearly misjudged… maybe there is a friendship to be had there that i didn’t think possible..

at any rate for now finding the others and getting us out of this place. I am sick of the situations i have been getting into and i know they have only just begun.

Excerpt from the DIary of Reynard
Found scrawled on the inside of the cover

If found and I’m dead: please deliver to Carmine, Kitsune of House Wildwood of Argent


Within you can find the total of my adventures. Know that everything I did was for you. I meant to gain enough power and influence to return to free you. If you’re reading this, I have died. I wasn’t worthy of being your hero. Truth be told I was never worthy of you. The time spent with you was the best of my life. I thought of you every day. longing for the day I might see you again. It felt as if my life was in eternal winter, with out you my days were without light or warmth. The trials and tribulations I experienced were nothing compared to the pain of your absence.

I’m sorry I failed you. I only hope that you might find it in you to forgive me, in spite of the life I left you to live. I hope I may find you in the next life, even if to see you for just a moment, to get on more taste of your divine presence.

With all the love that I posses,


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