The Guild City

Exeprt for the Diary of Reynard _Onyx Viper_

Session 2

So we were brought to the guard headquarters for questioning. turns out being interrogated is kinda boring We just told our stories and Taras released us. we were the victims after all Vindis did most of the talking, but he’s not so good with people. He’s fairly aggressive. Maybe I should teach him how to persuade and lie It was afterwards that things got interesting.

First I was invited back to Taras’ house. The Dragon of Asha wanted to get to know me! The second was that we were all invited to visit the temple of Seiya by the high priestess the next morning. I guess the marks made us pretty popular. already gaining fame, just as planned

So Taras took me to a shop called Infernals, where I met her wife, Myra de la Fleur. This was a powerful, scary sexy woman. HOLY SHIT I had heard the name de la Fleur before, but I was frightened to bring it up. Turns out I wasn’t invited over for dinner rude but because Taras was worried about the source of my magic. Myra examined it and found it to not be evil, much to my relief as I had already astutely discerned. After that they all but sent me away, but were kind enough to give me a voucher for a room in a nice inn.

A lot happened the next day. We all met at the temple of Seiya. The high priestess, Mei Lin, turned out was some sort of voyer pervert seer and had brought us in to tell us she couldn’t help with the brands. that could have been done in a letter She did tell us of a healer in the Green Marshes and a potential mission to the same planned by the mercenary company, the Onyx Vipers. Next thing I know we head over to their headquarters, join up, and are sent on a mission! they certainly move fast So off we went to Daybrook to find a caravan and two guild members to bring back.

That night, Rotbane spoke to me again. She had her first favor for me. exciting She asked me to kill a heretic, who I would know when I found them. worrying Now I’m no stranger to violence and death, but being asked to kill someone directly put me on edge. Who was this person? Did their crime deserve death as a punishment? Either way I was indebted to Rotbane and would at least try to do as she asked. With a name like ‘The Heretic’, they’re bound to be bad. And I have no qualms about putting downs villains. I’m sure it’s fine

I seem to have been pulled into something much bigger then I planned with this whole brand thing. And now I’m in a fighter company? None of this was the plan. Of course my plan never went much further than ‘gain power’ which in retrospect is more of a goal. I know the others think I’m naive and foolhardy, and I’m starting to think I might be. I just got to Asha and I’m in over my head. Some mysterious force is giving me power in exchange for killing people? That doesn’t seem very heroic. Maybe I do have some more growing up to do.

Either way there’s no going back now. I’m marked by Lyssa and in deep to Rotbane and nothing is gonna change that. My only option os to keep moving forward and keep my chin up. That’s been the status quo since I’ve left Argent. Someday, when I am the hero I aspire to be, I’ll be able too look back. I just hope I make it that far.


mgnsblo DirigibleWolf

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