The Guild City

Journal 8 - Vindis Florel

Abyssal Tidings with a Side of Trepidatious Tea

It is said, there was a realm that dwelt between wakefulness and sleep.

People have called it Dream, but, perhaps that wasn’t a nuanced enough notion. To call it a state of mind would be accurate only in part. While, it was true that such realms sparked a very special kind of magic – some might say, the most powerful illusion magic on earth, or, perhaps it was divination? Who knows. The jury was still out – to say that it was only a realm of fictitious happenstances and vague imagery would be near an insult, and, frankly, woe was to become those who wished those words upon the shifting shadow of one’s psyche made manifest.

Vindis Florel was one to believe it was more of a Void- Empty in part by the will of nature, yes, but it housed a duality nonetheless. Persona, memory, hopes, and dreams were all made manifest in the chaotic sea of one’s own personal abyss, and even when there was no moving imagery, they always sat there, perhaps tossing stones at one another in the vague hope of a modicum of entertainment.

But, fuck that.

Vindis Florel sat down at the tea party in his honor, elegant white jacket over vest, shirt, and bowtie, emblazoned with nigh on Argenti levels of frivolous expenditure (read as: Gold). “I must say, friends, the Tea is wonderful.” He said to the gathered group.

A rabbit, a Djinn, an Iguana, at least two other Vindi, and the image of his younger self seated next to a human mass of ever-sarcastic shadow.

“This is a little fucked up.” Said the Shadow.

“I’d agree.” Said Vindis, taking a sip of the tea.

“Is there a reason…?”

“Frankly, I don’t know. What I do know, is that we’re not of stable mind at the moment. Perhaps, we’re afflicted with something keeping us occupied.”

“I see.”

“Dream is a valuable sanctuary, you know.”

The Shadow sighed, before snapping at the monocle-sporting rabbit. Hopping up onto the table, Peter Cottontail tightened his smoking jacket before pulling up the circular presentation tray shade, to present a shining black soul gem upon the silvered surface where a cake should have been.
The people showed a level of being quite startled, as tiny Vindis leaned forward into a cupcake, narrowing his gaze at the thing.
“Ahh… I suppose we should discuss that, shouldn’t we?”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Hmm, well, we don’t have much of a choice, you know.”

“Unlike you, but I suppose your head’s not in the right space.” said the shadow, slipping a black top hat onto his head. “… Never subject me to this again.” It said, grumbling though, all-too entertained by the hat.

“Well, here’s what I have thought about:” He said, leaning forward as he placed his empty teacup on the porcelain plate in front of him, “We’ll go through with it, but I plan on playing my hand towards Jin. She can be useful, I’d think. I’m resolved to see Thalia to her end. If we get her free, that’s one more ally against her—Not to mention, I don’t want to walk into that party with only old, short, and crazy on our side.”
The Shadow hadn’t a face, but Vindis could somehow feel it’s audible cringe.

“I’ll accept this reasoning-“

Light began to suffuse the room.

“Seems we’re waking up.” Said one of the ‘Vindi’.

“I’ll see you all later.”

“Don’t die.” They all said.

“Don’t be late.” Said the rabbit.


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