The Guild City

Sabiya - Journal 2

The last couple of days were certainly interesting. It all began in the Dungeon and the meeting of these three other figures. A berry addict, a reckless fox and a preaching Tiefling. An odd mixture of personalities.

Sabiya sighed and looked up into the night sky, to her it remained a beautiful sight. A sight that helped to sort thoughts, thinking about the last 24 hours. They had an audience with the High Priestess of Asha. A woman that basically had the ability to stalk people in her dream. A small smirk formed on the lips of the Genasi.

She better had enjoyed this show.

Did they gather any information about the marks? No. And such a woman is calling herself ‘High Priestess’.
Instead all they got is the information about some healer in the swamps and a flyer from a guild.

Funny, we never really had a choice since we woke up in the Dungeon.

That was at least what she assumed. No one had a single idea about what could happen to them if they don’t treat these marks. Death, getting consumed by madness, the urge to slaughter. All these were possibilities and certainly would suit the Goddess.
They had no choice but to join the guild and meet this healer. But of course, they had to do some other silly task beforehand.

And that’s the current situation they are in. Finding some missing merchant and two members of the guild, should be easy. So far it was, no problems while they were travelling and right now they are near the road camping.

She had the first shift of the night watch. A dagger was in her hands, idly playing around with the blade. Nothing unusual happened, means she had no need to… protect… the rest of the group. Protect seemed to be such a strong word, it almost implied that she cared about them. While she knew Vindis and considered him as a trustworthy person, someone to care for. The rest were acquaintances at best. None of them seemed to be backstabber, they are all too open with who they are to be in that category. But letting the guard down was not an option for her. She eyed each of the companions.

Reynard, short Rey, a kitsune that yearns to be a hero. Ambitious, enthusiastic and reckless. In her opinion he is only at the beginning of becoming a hero and there is a lot for him to learn. That leads to her conclusion that he lacks experience. But maybe he could achieve his goal, who knows. To her there was already improvement.

Petros, a Tiefling… priest, cleric, member of a cult? She wasn’t sure at all what his profession was but he seemed to care about the markings. Asking Vindis for information in the flower
shop was proof enough. Otherwise she hadn’t really talked to him at all.

Or to anyone.

Ariyra a halfling, a tiny one. The occupation was unclear, could be a druid or just a lonely hermit. She hadn’t talked to this person at all means it was the most unknown member of the group. On the bright side Ariyra had contacts with the guild they joined.
Sabiya furrowed her brows, screw the word acquaintances, they are indeed strangers. Yet, she should make sure no one is going to end up as a backstabber. Maybe striking a few conversations would be wise. Turning them from strangers to acquaintances. Not to get attached but to make sure that she’ll not end up dead by the hand of one of these.
Without making a noise she got up, her shift was over. The dagger moved from her hand to her belt, not wanting to send a wrong message as she approached Reynard. Reaching down, she gently shook his shoulder.

“It’s your turn… Reynard.”


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