Marahn Leinkarth

Master of Irons


A young looking, high elf man with graceful features and and a slender build. His long, white hair is kept pulled back high and despite their piercing color his glowing blue eyes have a gentle gaze about them. Dressed in elegant, and ornate mithral armor the fey like design of his uniform adds to Marahn’s unique appearance. It is rare to see the man without the elvish lightening rapier he wields at his side.


The leader of the Iron Order, and one of the most influential fighters guild leaders in the city. Marahn has strong ties to several of the larger guild heads, including Myra De’Lafleur and Rhys Callaghan, and seems to hold some small sway in Asha as a result. He has been head of the Iron Order for the last two years and was the one to officially integrate it into Asha’s guild system as a fighters guild after existing as an independent organization for centuries.

Marahn was said to have once have been a notable adventurer before being appointed to the Iron Order and is from a formerly wealthy merchant family.

Marahn Leinkarth

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