Asha the Bardess

In the days of the post-exodus, many sought to take advantage of the weakened state of the lands to increase their own influence and power. Among these, was Drusilla, a great and terrible lich who nearly threatened the land of Delvarra into darkness with an army of undead.

In one of Delvarra’s many cities, a young bardess by the name of Asha trained with the goal of defeating Drusilla. The lich had slain her mother, and eldest brother in one of her many attacks, and Asha had sworn an oath of vengeance. She became a powerful bard, and sought out a cleric of Seiya in hopes to receive guidance from the goddess of prophecy, and a cleric of her patron god, Evel in hopes of receiving a blessing of luck. The cleric of Seiya revealed to her the location of Druisilla’s phalactery, and the clergy of Evel granted her but single vial of sand.

Asha ventured into the ruins which Drusilla called home and demanded from her underlings, and audience with their mistress. Thus she was brought before the lich, surrounded by her living servants, whom she made a deal with her silver tongue. “We, sisters in the worship of the great trickster, shall have a battle of our wits. I shall sing you a ballad written by my own hand, and if even a single tear is shed by the end of my performance, you must swear to gift me the pendant arou d your neck. Should I fail, my life is forfeit to you great lich.”

Drusilla agreed to the bet, again swearing by Evel. Asha played her song, detailing the death and destruction wrought by Drusilla and her followers, so beautiful was it that all of Drusilla’s servants wept at it’s sound.

But, not a single shed by the lich herself. Drusilla in her arrogance delcared herself the winner, only for Asha to laugh. “I said only a tear need be shed, not that they be yours, and I see your followers have let more than that loose!”

In a rage, Drusilla attacked the Bard, and Asha, threw the sand from the vial at the lich. They say Drusilla dishonoring her word to the great trickster lord, was what turned luck into Asha’s favor. The enchanted sand’s grains stuck to the metal pendant Drusilla wore, and caused an awful rust to spread until it shattered, taking the lich with it. For the le dabt had in fact been her phalactery. Not long after, the great Asha vanished, not a word or song ever heard from her again.

Thus the legend of the Bardess was born, and the land of Delvarra was saved. Out of respect for her heroism, the city she was born to was named after her, and a college unrivaled by any other founded under the same name.

Asha the Bardess

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