Merchant's Guild


Representing the merchants and business owners of Delvarra, the merchants guild exists to fairly regulate trade and business ethics among their members as well as recognize those of extraordinary quality. Nearly every legitimate shop in Delvarra contains a seal of the merchants guild openly displayed. Any shop without the guild’s seal is considered to be of unsure quality and questionable standards.

Seals of approval are handed out by local chapter leaders spread out across the country, while the chapter leaders and their practices are regulated by the Guildmaster. Once a year the Guildmaster gathers the various chapter heads for a discussion of economics and their own status.

The guild often works closely with the laborers guild in steering Delvarra’s economic state.

Any shops of exceptional quality can be awarded a special seal that ranges from bronze to platinum. Chapter leaders may hand out bronze and silver seals, but only the Guildmaster may issue a gold or platinum seal to a shop.

Important Members:
Myra De LaFleur (Guildmaster)

Merchant's Guild

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