Known as the “Guild City” Asha is a city in Delvarra known for it’s guild system. The city council rather being composed of noble born advisors, consists of the heads of the major guilds along with three elected chancellors to oversee the council. The services of the local fighter’s guilds extend across the entire country.

It’s crowing jewel perhaps is the College of Asha, named after Asha the Bardess just as the city itself is. The college boasts it’s vast library’s and various collections unrivaled by any of the other bard institutes, and it’s status as the only college that trains in both the schools of Valor and Lore.

While being in the southern coast gives it a decent farming and fishing economy, it’s greatest export is the services of the guilds run by the local government, and heavy flow of unique trade due to being frequented by adventurers.

Asha’s Patron Deity is Seiya


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